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About us

Mission Statement

Experience The LA LA Sauce, an artisanal garlic chili oil crafted from Thai chilis, garlic, and shallots resulting in a burst of flavors that is way more than just eating. Our goal is to turn every meal into an awesome adventure that you’ve never experienced before. From the mundane weeknight meals to exciting Friday night dinner parties with friends, and Taco Tuesday nights to Sunday brunches, get ready to elevate every meal and start your foodie experience at home now. Let your taste buds have a real party with The LA LA Sauce!

Our Story

My parents have always made their own chili oil for as long as I can remember. They made it as a way to remember where they came from - a taste of “home”. The best memory growing up for me would be the smell of chili and garlic cooking in the kitchen. Chili oil would be added to every meal - rice, noodles, burgers, pastas, tacos, you name  it. I believe that a good chili oil enhances the flavor of each bite of food. It also reminds me of “home” every time I eat it.

One summer night while eating late-night fried rice with my mom's special chili oil, I got the idea to share it with everyone. I wanted people everywhere to try our family recipe and feel the same cozy feeling of being at home. Now after perfecting the recipe, The LA LA Sauce is ready for the world to try. We hope this chili oil becomes your favorite thing in the kitchen, making your food taste amazing and bringing back good memories!